Salve Making with Jenny Dietzel, N.H.D.

December 7, 2019 @ 10:00AM — 12:00PM

Join Jenny as you learn how to make your own herbal salve! Salve is an oil extract of natural plant materials with beeswax added to help it harden. It has long been used in the nurturing of the skin. The class will discuss alternative recipes and different natural additives like essential oils and vitamin E. Each participant will get to take a jar home. There will be a small herb walk just around the yard while the salve cooks.

Salve Making with Jenny Dietzel, N.H.D. image

There are currently no tickets available for this event, but you can still make a donation.


Jenny Dietzel, N.H.D. was born in Fayetteville and is a Native Osage Naturopath, Herbalist and Author. A long-time supporter of Tri Cycle Farms, she is passionate about teaching and sharing the herbal traditions of our past. She also encourages a path of self-empowerment that allows a person to find what naturally works best for them to support a healthy body, mind and spirit. You can check out her website at to see her upcoming classes, schedule a private consultation, and download her book.

EBook- The Working Traveler's Guide to Feeling Great Naturally is the first of its kind to offer a down-to-earth understanding of what it takes to use natural health safely and effectively while you're out there facing the challenges of the world. It focuses on the common obstacles we all face while traveling and working and provides a set of easy-to-understand solutions anyone can use to energize their health and feel great. It is now available for download at

Tickets are $25 with a 15 person limit. Please register early.
If you would like to come to the class but don't have the money, please contact us via email and we will work something out!